Nick Mallory
Programmer | Web Developer | Game Developer
Ontario Public Service
July 2018 - Present
I am currently a digital intern at the Ontario Public Service working with technologies such as NodeJS and .NET to develop web apps for the cloud. Developing in cloud technologies such as Microsoft Azure and OpenShift. I also work on a DevOps team helping support a Pivotal Cloud Foundry infrastructure.
ASP.NET Social Media Site
For Self
I created an ASP.NET MVC social media web app. Published on Microsoft Azure with an SQL Server database to hold all data.
Social Media Website
For Self
I created a social media website in order to learn how they work. The site uses NodeJS and Semantic UI. I mixed a little bit of Reddit and Facebook together to make a cool looking site that has support for GIFs, pictures, videos, and text posts. The site also allows for comments on posts, and it sorts posts based on likes.
Published to Steam
Recession is a game project I finished in May 2018. I employed the help of two 3D modelers and a sound designer. It is currently on Steam Early Access for PC and Mac. All of the code, as well as the overall design of the game was done by myself. Recession is a 4v1 cop vs. robbers multiplayer shooter. Four robbers attempt to rob a bank full of money bags while a single cop with heavy armor and weapons tries to take all 4 down before they can escape with the cash.
React/NodeJS/MongoDB TodoList
For Self
I made a React app with a NodeJS backend to demonstrate my knowledge in React. This full-stack app is a todo list that anybody can access and modify. It uses MongoDB as a database.
Custom C++ Game Engine
For Humber College
I worked on a custom game engine with a friend. We used purely C++ for the code along with OpenGL as a base for our rendering pipeline. I wanted to create an engine from scratch to better understand the inner workings of a game and to make myself a better programmer. The engine aims to replicate Unity’s component-based system.
PHP Blog
For Self
I created a PHP Blog website to showcase my skills in PHP and MySQL. The site uses Bootstrap 4 for styling.
Animal Revolution
For Humber College
A real-time strategy game mixed with a third-person shooter. This game was made in Unreal Engine 4 as a final school project in 2 months. It is coded in C++, using blueprints for animations only.
Fake Startup Website
For Self
I created a fake startup site using Flexbox.
Worms Clone Game
For TOJam 2017
In a group of four people, we created a Worms Clone for TOJam 2017 in Unity. It has 3 playable characters and multiple abilites per character.

About Me

I have been programming since I was in middle school and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. I'm interested in building cloud applications with excellent user interfaces and user experiences.

My passions include web development, video games, and fitness. I have worked on various games and apps and have experience with many object-oriented languages such as C#, C++, and Java. For the past 2 years I have been programming and designing websites using Javascript (ECMAScript 6), NodeJS, and React. I am currently employed as an intern at the Ontario Public Service where my main role is to develop web apps for the cloud in Microsoft Azure and OpenShift.

Previously, I have worked as a leader and as a team player. The last project that I developed was a game that was published to Steam in July. I recruited and led a team of three to assist in creating the game, including two artists and a musician, while I did the programming and the design.

My biggest strength as a programmer is debugging. Making games has taught me how to properly breakpoint my code and run through it step by step to find the most obscure bugs and fix them quickly. Web development taught me how to create great UX and work with clients to fufill their needs for a project.

C++, C#, Java, Swift
Unity, Unreal Engine
HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, PHP, jQuery, React
MySQL, MongoDB
NodeJS, Apache, MAMP
GitHub, BitBucket, SVN
Microsoft Azure, OpenShift, Pivotal Cloud Foundry
Advanced Diploma in Game Programming
I graduated with honors from Game Programming at Humber College in April 2017.